About Me

About Me

Excited girl character by Erin Kant Barnard

Hi! I'm an author/illustrator that loves drawing... and children's books... and drawing children's books! Always have, always will. I've illustrated over 200 published works found globally.
Although I mostly illustrate, I write too with Rhino & Dino in: Juice! and Rhino & Dino in: Lemonade! being my first two published as an author/illustrator! I am currently working on the third through fifth Rhino & Dino books, have four other completed books that I'm trying to get representation for by an agent or publisher and many more books that are in the works! (Email me if this is you!) With a Bachelor's Degree in Animation I draw quickly and can't keep busy enough! With a Master's Degree in Library & Information Science and librarian background, I study and devour children's books like a fiend. Especially my favorite... picture books!
During this terrible Covid-19 outbreak, my husband and I have online library story times where I am lucky enough to get to read and draw live for families every week!

A California native, I moved across country for love and adventure! Currently I reside in a quaint Wisconsin village nestled amid a forest of picturesque pines with my hubbie and rambunctious cats, Rocket and Robyn. Ours is a house that likes to laugh!
Thank you for your time. I would love to hear from you!


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